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This beautiful image shows all of the rivers flowing into and through South Africa. The rivers of each major drainage basin are assigned the same pastel colour and the result has 25 different river networks superimposed on a stunning grayscale backdrop of the region’s relief and bathymetry. Printed on high quality (220gm) ColourPro Gloss poster paper it’s now available at two sizes: Standard 50 cms wide x 60 cms high and Large 90 cms x 108 cms. You can buy your copy of the Rivers of South Africa poster (and Rivers of South Africa Annotated) through the online shop. Each Standard Poster costs R200 and the Large Poster is R750. Postage and packaging for courier delivery throughout South Africa is an additional R175. Delivery in Grahamstown is free!

The image is also available at no cost for educational use. The 100 dpi resolution and dimensions of 33 x 40 cms are highly suitable for online course materials. To get your copy please go to the Free Downloads section. If you’d like image rights for commercial purposes then please submit a Request Image Rights form.

I was inspired to produce the poster by Sukhmani Mantel of Rhodes University who followed the pioneering rivers styling of acclaimed Geographer Robert Szucs to make an image of South Africa’s rivers that went viral on social media. You can read about its impact in The Conversation: ‘What we learned when our map of southern Africa’s rivers went viral‘. Sukh and I subsequently collaborated on making a map that went further than Szucs’ two-dimensional wall art type of styling. We overlaid the rivers on top of gray-scaled elevation and bathymetry images and added the national borders. Labelling had to be carefully done so as to leave the river styling intact. The Rivers of South Africa poster is available both with and without labelling of the main river in each catchment. There’s now a new version. The Dark Edition has been solarised to make the image more dramatic with a dark relief backdrop and much more vivid river colours. 

The map of Africa’s River and Basins has been in preparation for a while. Once again it drapes the rivers on top of shaded topography and bathymetry. It’s been a considerable challenge to make the rivers appear to flow over a three dimensional representation of the continent. The colour palette is also new and based on vibrant Samburu, Venda and Kente themes. I realised that I needed another new map to accompany the Rivers and Basins. The Permanent and Intermittent Rivers of Africa map shows which rivers and streams only flow occasionally (such as once a decade). They are overlaid by the national borders. An extract from the two maps can be seen juxtaposed below.

Downloads (at display monitor resolution) for Northern Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa can be accessed in the Free Downloads page.

Posters and Map Art