Signature Trees Series

A showcase of signature trees from my travels in southern and eastern Africa and Sweden. The Milkwood Tree, Dragon Tree, Balanites Tree, Thorn Tree Blue Mood and Dancing Tree, Hogsback are available as metal prints (R4000) on brushed aluminium Dibond®. The metal prints are 59.4 cms x 42 cms and make a strong statement as the image is printed directly onto the Dibond® using no white ink and with a textured, brushed aluminium finish. The Fever Tree, Shepherd’s Tree and Oldenburgia are smaller gallery quality prints (R650-750) using LUCIA inks on Pro Platinum paper. Paper print sizes vary but are usually approximately 33 cms high x 48 cms wide. The two trees in portrait orientation (Big Tree, Hogsback and Ålster’s Ash, Karlstad) are available at A1 size (84 cms high x 59 cms wide) on Premium Cotton Canvas for R4000.  Postage and packaging for courier delivery throughout South Africa is an additional R150. Delivery in Grahamstown is free! Downloads are available for all images. They are at high resolution (240-300 dpi) in tiff format. Please go to the shop for further information about each image. You can purchase using a credit card, debit card or instant EFT. If you’d like image rights for commercial purposes please submit a Request Image Rights form.

Trees Series, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
Milkwood Tree, Platbos Forest
Trees Series, Black and White, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
Dragon Tree, Botanic Gardens, Grahamstown
Trees Series, Hogsback Series, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
The Big Tree, Hogsback
Kenya, Black and White, Nature Photography, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
Balanites Tree, Masaai Mara
Thorn tree blue mood, Featherstone Kloof, Grahamstown
Thorn Tree Blue Mood, Featherstone Kloof
Dwarf Japanese Maple dancing at Hogsback
Dancing tree, Hogsback
Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Metamorphosis Exhibition, #NAF18
Oldenburgia, WESSA Award Winner
Masaai Mara, Kenya, Trees Series
Fever Tree, Masaai Mara
Trees Series, Kenya, Masaai Mara
Shepherd’s Tree, Masaai Mara
The giant tree at Ålsters Herrgård
Ålster’s Ash, Karlstad, Sweden
Signature Trees Series