Desktop Wallpapers: 12 Free Downloads

This is my way of saying Thank You and Happy Christmas to all those who liked, followed and supported me through this very difficult year. I’ve selected 12 restful and beautiful landscape pictures taken in South Africa, Sweden and Kenya. I don’t think I’ve shared or displayed them on any platform. They are optimised to be used as desktop wallpapers: widescreen (1920×1200) and standard display screen (1280×1024). You can download any or all of them for personal use. Share this post by all means but please don’t share the images – Thank You!

If you’d like to use them in other ways then please contact me:; +27(0)722582134.

Desktop Wallpapers: 12 Free Downloads

Landscape Favourites – Recent Work

The cost of a print on photo paper varies from R175 (A4 size of 21 x 29.7cms)) to R350 (A3 size of 29.7 x 42cms). I make my own prints – up to A3+ size (that’s 33 x 48 cms or 13″x19″) – using Lucia inks on Canon’s full range of archival photo papers. The high gloss Luster or Pro Platinum papers are a good choice for these landscapes. I also take orders for metal prints. These cost R4000-R4500 and are made on brushed aluminium Dibond ® (45 cms x 33.75 cms) ready to hang with a floating frame on the reverse. Shipping is only to South African addresses because international courier charges can be high. You can also purchase a R250 download (for personal use) of each image. Please go to the shop to order and for further information about each image. You can purchase using a credit card, debit card or instant EFT. Postage and packaging for courier delivery throughout South Africa is an additional R150. Delivery in Grahamstown is free! If you’d like image rights for commercial purposes then please submit a Request Image Rights form.

Your comments about my work on social media have been very positive – especially since the lockdown started – and so I’ve selected a few of the most popular images for this small showcase.

Autumn morning, Grahamstown
Autumn morning, Grahamstown

We will be starting very close to home. I took this shot early one autumn morning as the mist was rising. It was just after we got permission (under Lockdown Level Four) to get out for exercise. I took my camera along for its first outing in four weeks!

Century's Prytaneum - Life Cycle by Gavin Younge 2004, Rhodes University campus
Century’s Prytaneum – Life Cycle by Gavin Younge 2004, Rhodes University campus

The second picture was taken  on the Rhodes University campus. I’ve always wanted a decent shot of Gavin Younge’s artwork so I set out on a very hot February afternoon to get this live composite picture. I wanted the movement of the storm clouds to give energy to the piece. Luckily a pedestrian went by and she added to the effect.

Misty Makana's Kop, Grahamstown
Misty Makana’s Kop, Grahamstown

On cold mid-winter mornings, as the sun rises, you get this dramatic view of the sunlight slanting across the streets of Fingo and Tantyi. People living in Sunnyside see this every year and I’ve at last got round to getting a photo – from right outside our house on Robinson Street. The lockdown has helped because normally the street is a race track at this time of day with vehicles ferrying school children up to PJ Olivier and the drivers returning down are often blinded by the low angled light.

Makana's Kop, Grahamstown, on a stormy day
Makana’s Kop beneath the clouds

How often have we seen this? Clouds building up over the town and then it doesn’t rain! This picture was actually taken two years ago but it could easily be now. We’d just had a hot spell and the forecast was for some thunder and rain. I was ready with the camera and when the clouds built up I drove quickly along Beaufort Street and up Dr Jacob Zuma Drive. I was heading to a good viewpoint above Vukani where Makana’s Kop would make a nice composition beneath the clouds – it’s right up on the plateau’s edge. I got this nice moody picture but, as I said, there was no rain. 

Winter sunset on Mountain Drive, Grahamstown, Makhanda
Winter sunset on Mountain Drive

Our favourite place for exercise and long walks (with our dog Slate) is Mountain Drive and particularly the Oldenburgia Day Trail. Here’s a few of my best images from there. The first one was taken on a cold windy afternoon at sunset just a few days before the winter solstice. The light was fantastic.

Still Water, Featherstone Kloof
Still Water, Featherstone Kloof

The Oldenburgia Trail passes by some beautiful tranquil pools as it winds its way along the bottom of Featherstone Kloof. This is one of the places where we will stop and have a picnic. You can sit by the still water listening to the birds singing and the water trickling.

Aloe Silhouette on the Oldenburgia Trail
Aloe Silhouette on the Oldenburgia Trail

May is a great time of year for night photographs. The core of the Milky Way tilts up from the horizon and so you can get some classic shots. Here’s one of the aloes that’s perched on the ridge above the Kloof. It makes for a dramatic silhouette.

Madonna and Child Falls, Hogsback
Madonna and Child Falls, Hogsback

The last couple of pictures were taken at Hogsback in December last year. The size of the Madonna and Child Waterfall makes it a hard feature to photograph. This is a vertical panorama combining four shots from the pool up to the cloudy sky. I’ve made a striking print of it on brushed aluminium. The metal surfaces subtly reflect the changing ambient light and make the waterfall, rocks and sky shimmer.  

Magical mystical Hogsback on New Year's Eve, Hogsback
Magical mystical Hogsback on New Year’s Eve

The last picture is one I’m particularly fond of. It’s another live composite shot: this time the clouds are captured rising up above Tor Doone. I took the picture from Wild Fox Hill late in the late afternoon on New Year’s Eve. I like the dreamy, mystical feel it has – quite characteristic of Hogsback itself. 

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Landscape Favourites – Recent Work

Signature Trees Series

A showcase of signature trees from my travels in southern and eastern Africa and Sweden. The Milkwood Tree, Dragon Tree, Balanites Tree, Thorn Tree Blue Mood and Dancing Tree, Hogsback are available as metal prints (R4000) on brushed aluminium Dibond®. The metal prints are 59.4 cms x 42 cms and make a strong statement as the image is printed directly onto the Dibond® using no white ink and with a textured, brushed aluminium finish. The Fever Tree, Shepherd’s Tree and Oldenburgia are smaller gallery quality prints (R650-750) using LUCIA inks on Pro Platinum paper. Paper print sizes vary but are usually approximately 33 cms high x 48 cms wide. The two trees in portrait orientation (Big Tree, Hogsback and Ålster’s Ash, Karlstad) are available at A1 size (84 cms high x 59 cms wide) on Premium Cotton Canvas for R4000.  Postage and packaging for courier delivery throughout South Africa is an additional R150. Delivery in Grahamstown is free! Downloads are available for all images. They are at high resolution (240-300 dpi) in tiff format. Please go to the shop for further information about each image. You can purchase using a credit card, debit card or instant EFT. If you’d like image rights for commercial purposes please submit a Request Image Rights form.

Trees Series, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
Milkwood Tree, Platbos Forest
Trees Series, Black and White, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
Dragon Tree, Botanic Gardens, Grahamstown
Trees Series, Hogsback Series, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
The Big Tree, Hogsback
Kenya, Black and White, Nature Photography, Metamorphosis, #NAF18
Balanites Tree, Masaai Mara
Thorn tree blue mood, Featherstone Kloof, Grahamstown
Thorn Tree Blue Mood, Featherstone Kloof
Dwarf Japanese Maple dancing at Hogsback
Dancing tree, Hogsback
Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Metamorphosis Exhibition, #NAF18
Oldenburgia, WESSA Award Winner
Masaai Mara, Kenya, Trees Series
Fever Tree, Masaai Mara
Trees Series, Kenya, Masaai Mara
Shepherd’s Tree, Masaai Mara
The giant tree at Ålsters Herrgård
Ålster’s Ash, Karlstad, Sweden
Signature Trees Series